These are some of the most popular flooring options homeowners can choose. Laminating flooring is one of the most cost-effective flooring solutions, and you can think about installing it in your house. Laminate flooring can give your interior a fantastic look, and you can install them in your home without investing huge. One of the most remarkable features of laminate flooring is that the flooring option is available in various designs and styles, and here we will talk about the best laminate flooring trends of 2019.

The New Hardwood

Hardwood is sought after as one of the most expensive flooring solutions, and you may have to invest hugely to install them in your space. Laminate flooring is less costly compared to the hardwood flooring, and it can give your floor the exact look of hardwood flooring.

Traditional hardwood flooring look is preferred by many homeowners, as it gives their floor a classic and aesthetic look. Now, you can give your floor the classic hardwood look without investing hugely on the flooring project.

Marquee, the Waterproof Flooring

The concept of waterproof flooring is gaining popularity, and more and more homeowners across the city of Toronto are availing this solution with high-quality laminating flooring. If your surrounding or place you are staying has a high moisture level, you should think about waterproof laminating flooring.

The most crucial part of this flooring is that you get the look of traditional hardwood flooring. Waterproof laminate flooring is ideal for places with high traffic, lots of kids’ and pets’ activities. Waterproof laminate is one of the best trends of 2019.

The Emergence of New Textures

The increasing popularity of laminate flooring has encouraged laminate floor planks manufacturers to bring new textures in the market. Laminate flooring is known to mimic the feel of expensive hardwood flooring, and this is why many property owners prefer this flooring solution.

New textures are taking off in the year 2019, and most of them come with the ability to mimic a hand-scraped look. You can find a more significant rustic trend as the part of modern interior décor. The texture you have chosen should match with your interior design; otherwise, it can damage the overall look of your room.

Cinnamon Hickory

If you are looking for weathered and distressed hardwood appearance on your floor, you can prefer the cinnamon hickory style. This laminate flooring option can help you to reclaim the wood looks, and the trend remains popular for property owners even in 2019.

Weathered-style laminate flooring look can give your floor a subtle wire-brushed appearance, while the distressed looks of laminating flooring can give your floor a look of burns, knots, and scrapes. These types of styles and textures are only available in hardwood flooring, but now you get the same look with affordable laminate flooring solutions.

Rustic and Hand-Scrapped Laminate Flooring

There was a time when the hand-scrapped look was only available in hardwood flooring, where every wooden plank was handcrafted to get the desired look. The new planks on laminate floors are designed to give a realistic touch. They can mimic the looks and texture of rustic and hand-scrapped flooring.

If you prefer this laminate flooring option, your floor will look like finished, unique and classic. You may have to invest a lot if you want to get the look through hardwood flooring, but if you prefer laminate flooring option, it will become budget-friendly.

Wide Planks

Patterns play a significant role in giving your floor a beautiful look, and their popularity has increased with time. Modern interior designers pay special attention to the trends, and they are now using large width planks in their works.

Likewise, homeowners, who want to create a unique style to enhance the beauty of their floor, prefer this trend. Patterns add more creativity in the design, and the proper installation of planks can invoke a unique aesthetic. Laminate flooring allows you to provide the same look to your floor within your budget. Laminate flooring comes with a variety of patterns and wide planks solutions, and you can prefer any of them according to your needs.

Stone Look

Have you ever calculated the estimated cost of installing stones on your floor? Stone flooring is an expensive flooring option, and if you are looking for a budget-friendly solution, you should search for the best alternative.

Laminate flooring can be the best solution for homeowners seeking stone-like flooring in their space. Laminate flooring does not only mimic the hardwood flooring style, but it can also give your floor a stone-like appearance. Laminate flooring product manufacturers are now working on to increase the variants of laminate flooring style, texture, and design, including the stone-like looks. Wood-look options are not suitable for all types of décor and places. Laminate planks are now come with stone and tile design, and they will give your floor an expensive and realistic look.

Reclaimed-Wood Look

Everyone loves the floors made of high-quality wooden planks because this expensive flooring solution is known for its beauty and attractiveness. Reclaimed-wood look has gained quite a lot popularity nowadays, and you can get the same look by installing laminate flooring in your space.

Laminate flooring manufacturers are now using the best technology to bring the same design with budget-friendly laminate flooring solutions. In reality, the appearance of reclaimed wood comes from barns, timber, decking, and now you can give your floor similar look with laminate planks.

Trending Laminate Features

Laminate flooring manufacturers are now focusing more on the design and patterns along with the performance of their products. Laminate flooring has gained popularity in the market. Today, more and more people are choosing this cost-effective option for their flooring solutions.

Waterproof laminate flooring is one of the best trends in the field that have brought this budget-friendly flooring option into the mainstream. Laminate flooring has gained reputation over the years as a low-cost, easy to install and maintain flooring solutions.

If you have thought about the installation of laminate flooring in your space, never forget to check the quality of the products. Laminate flooring planks made by reputable brands are the best materials to use, and you should not ignore the fact.

Be Wise When Choosing Laminate Flooring Installation Service

The overall look of your laminate flooring will be determined by the quality of products and the skill and expertise of the flooring installers. Choosing the right installation service is very important, as they are the ones who can only give you a satisfactory result.

To choose the right flooring installation service provider is not easy, as you may have to consider several factors before signing the contract. Before you dial the number of an agency, you should check its experience and reputation in the field. The floor installation company should offer a free consultation service, where you can clear all your doubts. Make sure they provide guarantee on their work, and all their tradesmen are licensed and insured.